The Why Behind Our Name

What’s So Special About a WhiteOak Anyway?

White Oak LeafWhite Oak (Quercus alba) Trivia Facts:

  • Native to eastern North America, ranging from eastern Minnesota down to the Florida panhandle
  • Grows in a wide variety of habitats; from high to low altitudes, moderately acidic or alkaline soil, and, dry and wet regions
  • Closed cellular structure, making it resistant to water and rot
  • Planks are used extensively in barrels for wine and whiskey production, construction and shipbuilding

The Wye Oak, a Famous White Oak

The Wye Oak was the official state tree of Maryland and lived in Wye Mills, Talbot County, Maryland. It was a National Champion Tree, as named by the American Forestry Association, and resided in Wye Oak State Park, where pets were allowed to bask in its shade with their owners.

This magnificent tree was the largest white oak in the United States until a storm fell it on June 6, 2002. At that time, its trunk diameter measured about six feet across. It lived to be an estimated 460 years old, the oldest oak ever recorded.