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BlueRoot is the next generation Technology Program Management methodology for delivering a truly integrated technology platform. Because technology touches everybody, everyday, in multiple ways, throughout your entire tenure in the building, technology requirements must be considered from day one. From concept thru commissioning of all your technology systems, WhiteOak Group delivers technology that meets your needs today and down the road while serving as your single contact for all technology touch points. With in-house subject matter experts, we take responsibility for the design, engineering, integration & implementation of your most important, non-human business asset – Technology.

It’s time to Blue your thinking.

It’s time to Root the solution.

Tomorrow’s buildings are still approached using yesterday’s thinking, when technology systems were simpler, separate & less critical to success in business. Applying yesterday’s thinking to deliver tomorrow’s tech-centric building projects gives us a future that looks the same as the past, resulting in the same technology problems in the buildings that exist today.

You have a real estate professional responsible for all real estate activities, an A&D firm responsible for all design and architectural elements & a general contractor responsible for the construction process. And yet, technology systems continue to be handled like it was yesterday when the simple coordination of vendors was enough. But it’s not yesterday. Today, technology is not only the single largest cost but also the most critical aspect of any dynamic business. The days of trying to coordinate multiple vendors, engineers, manufacturers and consultants, all with different agendas, are over.

BlueRoot is the only way to achieve a truly integrated, scalable technology platform.

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