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WhiteOak Group’s BlueRoot methodology is the next generation of thinking on how to approach tomorrow’s building projects. Imagine a building with all technology systems holistically woven throughout the architectural DNA of the structure, able to grow and mature with business. WhiteOak Group is your single touch point for all technology systems. With in house subject matter experts, we assume responsibility for the design, engineering, integration and implementation of your most important, non-human business asset — Technology. From concept to commissioning of your Access Control, Audiovisual, Building Management, Communications, IT Enterprise, Security, and Infrastructure, WhiteOak delivers the technology of tomorrow, today.

WhiteOak Group is a leading technology program management provider, owning and overseeing all technology solutions for building projects in the commercial, healthcare and government sectors. We specialize in the planning, implementation and integration of all technology touch points into a single, scalable, modular platform that in turn integrates into the design, engineering and construction of a physical building structure.


Video Transcript:

It’s no secret that technology systems are the backbone in today’s most innovative industries. Certainly everybody involved in construction projects, from real estate to architects to general contractors, sees technology as the cornerstone to a successful project.

Yet program delivery has not changed with the ever-evolving demands that a technology-driven world brings. When faced with fresh demands and ideas, why do we continue to apply yesterday’s thinking to try and solve today’s challenges?

Perhaps because technology is traditionally thought of and delivered in silos.

The AudioVisual, Security, Access Control, Building Management, IT Enterprise, Communications and Infrastructure that powers and connects these systems comes from multiple companies and multiple providers with multiple agendas.

Again, why think in yesterday’s terms to solve today’s challenges? How do we bring unity to the diversity?

It’s time to Blue your thinking and Root the solution.

The BlueRoot methodology from WhiteOak Group is the next generation of thinking that entirely changes the way you approach program delivery

The premise: integrate all technology systems as a single, unified platform into the architecture, design and construction of every project.

The results: a simplified process with a functional, scalable technology platform that performs for years to come while simultaneously lowering project costs and reducing risk.

]It’s time to Blue Your Thinking: Technology is now a prime service, not a commodity. It is the central nervous system of every business that should unify diverse processes, systems, and workflows. In a world where people and technology are the only real differentiators in business, technology needs to drive efficiency and performance.

Blue The Process: The BlueRoot Master Planning Process is a customized road mapping and budgeting tool that captures all requirements and scope of work for the products, systems, and technology within business. From concept to commissioning, your BlueRoot Master Plan defines and analyzes your existing technology, streamlines complex requirements, creates scalable options, and guarantees your project is delivered on-schedule and within budget.

As the thought leader in systems integration, WhiteOak Group is your technology program management provider. A true turnkey solution, for the design, engineering, integration and implementation of all IP based Technology Systems. We even provide consulting and professional services to the commercial, healthcare and government sectors, worldwide.

Get higher productivity. Better communication. Increased flexibility in workflow. And, peace-of-mind knowing your technology is working for you, not against you. With so much to gain, it’s no wonder so many organizations rely on our expertise.

Are you ready to Blue your thinking?

The sooner we’re involved, the better. Contact us today for a no-risk consultation to discover how we can help. [1-410-690-3511 and]. Visit us. []. And please, forward this message onto others who’d benefit from our services. Thanks.


WhiteOak Group is a leading Technology Program Management provider, owning and overseeing all technology systems for building projects in the commercial, healthcare and government sectors. Established in Easton, MD in 2007, WhiteOak Group’s dynamic team of certified engineers and professionals from across many technology disciplines specialize in the design and engineering, integration, and implementation of the unified technology platform that is integrated into the physical architecture of a building. The company is a registered Federal contractor with cleared facilities and personnel delivering projects and services domestically and internationally. WhiteOak Group is proud to be recognized for significant growth and achievement by Inc. Magazine, Washington Technology’s Fast 50 and Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley. For more information, please visit or call 410.690.3511.