Industry Myths

Technology Myths Within New Buildings and Renovations

Traditionally, technology systems are thought of and delivered in silos. Virtually every building system utilizes IT networking for management and control. Yet these systems are bid out, designed, engineered and implemented by ‘specialists’ in each discipline who do their work in a vacuum.

So, why doesn’t every project have a technology program manager, hired during the concept phase to integrate all technology touch points into a unified platform?

Here are the Top 5 Myths surrounding an integrated technology delivery:

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Myth #1: It will be less expensive if I bid each technology system individually. 

Reality: Experts agree that the same or lesser capital investment is required to design, integrate and implement the technology platform within a building. Enormous savings are possible when all systems, utilizing a ‘common backbone’, are designed and integrated in concert with one another. Furthermore, significant operational savings and flexibility will be realized with a holistic approach.

Myth #2: It’s highly disruptive to the design and construction process.

Reality: Actually, by embedding the technology design early into the overall design of the building, the process becomes more streamlined and eliminates much of the risk associated with the traditional multi-vendor approach. Once the overall strategy, performance specifications and design are established, technology sub-contractors can deliver the most advanced and/or appropriate solutions.

Myth #3: My Project Manager, Architect and GC can handle the IT.

Reality: Most project managers, designers, architects and general contractors are skilled and experienced. However, many of these professionals still follow a traditional, non-IT approach and often are averse to overhauling their existing processes within their discipline to accommodate the new demands of technology. While these partners are skilled coordinators, their core competency is not in true technology systems integration. Compromising your technology standards will not produce intelligent, scalable and flexible real estate.

Myth #4: There are a lot of companies qualified to deliver my building technology.

Reality: In actuality, there are a lot of people that promise a lot of things. However, few companies, worldwide, come to market with subject matter experts in all technology systems. Few have 20 years of experience in true systems integration and fewer still have a vast amount of knowledge in project management, A&D, construction and FFE.

Myth #5: Technology changes so fast that you have to redo it all in a couple of years anyway.

Reality: For the very reason that technology changes fast, a properly designed technology infrastructure is critical for successful deployment of future solutions. Careful, deliberate technology planning today will prove to be one of your most effective cost reducers in terms of time, labor and materials for your team to make necessary changes to support demands of your business.

This list is certainly not exhaustive. Please contact us for more information.