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A New Key Player, Delivering Technology As A Prime Service

Tomorrow’s buildings are still approached using yesterday’s thinking, when technology systems were simpler, separate and less critical to success in business.

Applying yesterday’s thinking to deliver tomorrow’s tech-centric building projects will give us a future that looks the same as the past, with all its inherent technology challenges. Technology continues to be handled like it was yesterday, with multiple touch points with multiple vendors (and counting) who do not communicate or work with one another to deliver a unified product. Other than people, technology is the most important tool (and largest expense) to run your business. And how it is executed means the difference between technology being your strongest asset or your biggest liability.

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Technology, The New Prime Service

Consider the prime services on the project team:

  • The real estate professional oversees all real estate activities
  • The architect/design firm oversees all architectural activities
  • The general contractor oversees all the construction activities
  • And now, a technology program manager oversees all technology design, integration and execution on building projects.

As a key player on the project team, WhiteOak (as your Technology Program Management provider) works in concert with the real estate professional, architect and general contractor to ensure the technology you need is delivered right the first time. We lead the industry in total technology platform through BlueRoot, our integrated project delivery approach, which fully spans the (ever-expanding) chasm that has appeared in the past 20 years in terms of yesterday’s project delivery methods and exponential ascent of importance and dependence on the technology platform.