General Contractors

Technology Delivered On Time, On Budget, On Purpose

Skyscraper w Construction Crane NO BG SMALLTechnology Program Management is like being the general contractor for all technology delivery in a building, down to infrastructure.

Drawing on our government contracting experience where vast research dollars go into learning how to build a better, smarter building, we apply this knowledge when creating the BlueRoot Master Plan, the technology schematic, for the building. In knowing the business intent of the building and the purpose of the spaces within it up front, every design and construction decision becomes more purposeful. The efficiencies created from having a unified, integrated technology platform translate into real, positive affects in terms of cost management across the life of the project.

Success in the construction world is defined by budget, schedule, work quality, relationships, and teamwork. Increasingly, customers demand even more during construction, looking for value added services from their general contractor. Many times, these demands revolve around technology and its integration, something that if executed incorrectly, create mountains of additional stress on the team in terms of budget and delivery timeline.

Partnering with WhiteOak Group hands over all technology responsibilities to us under Technology Program Management, allowing you to focus on executing the construction project rather than building a technology platform. Members of the WhiteOak Group team have partnered with or worked for the best general contractors for over 20 years on domestic and international commercial projects.

Finally, a technology partner with clear differentiation within the market.