Business-centric Technology Solutions and Integration

Technology touches everybody, everyday, in multiple ways, throughout your entire tenure in the building.

Today, technology is not only the single largest cost but also the most critical aspect of any dynamic business. Yesterday’s project delivery approach scatters implementation responsibility of individual technology systems across the traditional three prime services of real estate, architecture and general contractor, when additional coordination of separate pieces was sufficient. However, this distracts each of these key players from their main focus and core competencies, resulting in a disjointed technology platform that means additional logistical and financial headaches during ideation, implementation and construction. This leads to ongoing post-delivery remediation that means extra time and cost for service providers and the client.

City in Blue Sphere Illustration SMALLThe days of trying to coordinate multiple vendors, engineers, manufacturers and consultants, all with different agendas, are over.

As part of your power team, WhiteOak Group is the single touch point for all technology systems across the other disciplines. With in-house subject matter experts, we assume responsibility for the design, engineering, integration and implementation of your most important, non-human business asset – technology. The technology program manager joins the traditional three key player team of real estate professional, architect, and general contractor as the fourth member of your power team to handle all your technology planning and needs from concept to commissioning for your building project.

We use our proven BlueRoot methodology, the next generation of thinking on how to approach tomorrow’s building projects, to design, integrate and deliver a total technology platform with Audiovisual, Security, Access Control, Building Management, IT Enterprise, Communications, and infrastructure components. Imagine a building with all technology systems holistically woven throughout the architectural DNA of the structure, able to grow and mature with business.

Because technology touches everybody, everyday, in multiple ways, throughout your entire tenure in the building, technology requirements must be considered from day one. The BlueRoot approach may influence decisions and actions related to real estate, A&D and construction, yet operates harmoniously with all associated disciplines. The end result, an intelligent building delivered on-time, on- budget, and on-point, for our customers and partners.