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Implementing a secure, integrated, cost-effective technology platform with superior infrastructure is essential to all government agencies in maintaining integrity and presence on the global stage.

WhiteOak Group offers a solution with turnkey completeness and depth, standard-model efficiency and boutique-style service and attention to detail. Our team utilizes BlueRoot, our proven methodology for technology platform design and program management that allows business to rapidly evolve with market demands while maintaining operational excellence.

Commercial government organizations require secure and evolving business technology solutions that can scale and evolve to continually achieve its goals, meet customer expectations, and attain a competitive advantage.Currently, the only advances in secured infrastructures are in the iterative process of software development. Firewalls, encryption software and port security software are some of the options available. For organizations running multiple networks with different security classifications (i.e. the Department of Defense), past solutions included terminating with different styles of connectors, running individual ports through EMT conduit, and dividing the real estate by classification. Increasingly sophisticated electronic crimes means securing this data is a large and growing facet of the Information Technology industry.

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